Natasha Agrama

Natasha Agrama


Natasha Agrama is a young LA artist, promoting freedom, healing, and creativity through her art, and by bringing jazz into the modern age. True to her tradition, as a daughter of fusion music, you can find her interpreting, innovating, and reimaging all forms of music and poetry bringing them into new light and new ears. Natasha's passion is exposing young people to great music, and promoting FREE CULTURE as opposed to commercial/corporate culture.

The result is her performance consistently soothes and inspires audiences. She spent nearly a decade of her life in her home of Hollywood CA converting throngs of young people into new found Jazz lovers on a daily basis, and now she is on the road, singing her songs for the world, on the verge of releasing her first LP "The Heart of Infinte Change" which is produced by jazz giant Stanley Clarke, and includes other beloved legendary musicians including: Austin Peralta, George Duke, Stephen Thundercat Bruner, Ronald Bruner Jr., Kamasi Washington, Vinnie Colaiuta, Miles Mosley & Ruslan Sirota. Natasha is headlining her own shows at venues across the country including The Blue Whale LA, and The Iridium NYC, in addition to singing around the world at the finest jazz clubs and festivals as a guest of Mr. Clarke. She plans to introduce thousands of young people to the music that has touched her soul, as well as encourage all people to create their music, whatever form that may take, so that they can participate in the creation of their OWN CULTURE.

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